Why Fight?… There are 27 Million Reasons!!

“Human trafficking is a serious crime. Help us end the exploitation”

There are more people in slavery today,
than at any other time in human history.
~Kevin Bales, author of “Disposable People”

Yes, we are talking about actual slavery. The buying and selling of human beings for profit, that ancient and most fundamental abuse. Not only does this crime against humanity still exist, it is flourishing in our own backyards! Sadly, New York is a major hub for this multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise.

The sex trafficking industry overwhelmingly preys on young women and children. The slave labor markets rely on a ready supply of men and women fleeing desperate circumstance. Threats, trickery and false promises are the everyday tools of traffickers. Once under their control, victims find only abuse, humiliation, and endless exploitation. This is the face of modern-day slavery.

Because of its low visibility, too little is being done to combat this crime. Accurate statistics are scarce, but estimates run higher than 27 million people currently in some form of slave bondage, far more than ever before in history! Not all trafficking is across borders. Many people are trafficked right here within the United States including U.S. citizens, foreign nationals here legally, as well as undocumented immigrants. Specific laws against Trafficking in Persons were not formulated until relatively recently.

We are concerned citizens bound in a common cause: educating ourselves and others about this scourge in our midst, and doing everything we can to eradicate it. Becoming informed is the first step you can take in learning how to help. We hope that this website will be a useful tool for you, and that you will join us in our mission.

For more compelling footage about modern-day slavery, please view the VIDEO page of our Meetup website.

This movement needs all the help and all the talent it can muster. We need speakers and writers, doers and dreamers. We need wit and reason, passion and caring. People wise in the ways of politics. People with business savvy. People with organizing skills. We need artists and singers, poets and preachers. We need everyone who cares, all the men, women, and children who are willing to work to end slavery in our generation. We need YOU!

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