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We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.

~ Norman MacEwan

There are many ways you can help us in our mission to end slavery in this generation. Most of these are detailed on our pages about Solutions: What YOU Can Do.

But here, we would like to make a more direct appeal for your help in keeping our fledgling group active. Please look through our website, and at the Meetup site that is linked to at the bottom of every page. If you feel that what we are trying to accomplish is worthwhile and that we are going about it in a reasonably effective manner, please consider helping us directly. We seek new members and fully appreciate those who contribute their time and effort. But we also seek donations and sponsors.

We have begun the process of filing as a charitable not-for-profit corporation in the state of New York. When that is complete, we expect to be eligible to apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Until then, any contributions are NOT yet deductible for tax purposes.

We  would certainly be most appreciative of even small donations to defray our modest operating costs. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Every single penny you contribute will go directly to helping us print more educational materials, put together more effective presentations, and continue to grow our outreach capacity. Currently we do not charge dues to our members, although we suggest a donation of $12 a year. We hope to remain a free and inclusive resource for all citizens. Donations through Paypal may be made on our Meetup website, or you may contact info@FightSlaveryNow.Org for more information or to arrange to contribute by mail, telephone or in person.

You are also welcome to make a donation in the name of a friend or loved one, and we will be happy to send them a letter of recognition and thanks for  inspiring your act of generosity to a worthy cause. Just contact us to make arrangements.

Our organization is also seeking sponsors that might benefit from an association with this diverse group of more than 300 committed citizens. Sponsorship information is available on a SPONSOR Page of our Meetup site, or you may certainly contact us directly. We especially welcome the support of any enterprise that has, or wishes to demonstrate, a commitment to social responsibility.

Sponsorship might include supplying products, or discounts on products, useful to our effort. We hope it may extend as well to defraying our minimal operating costs. In return we will recognize your contributions on our websites and promote your product or service among our membership. Part of the solution we advocate is that consumers become more discriminating about the items they purchase.  We aim to educate all those we reach about using the ‘power of the purse’ and we encourage them to support Fair Trade products.

Fight Slavery Now! has conducted educational presentations in New York City libraries and schools, often in conjunction with the screening of the documentary film Dreams Die Hard produced by the abolitionist organization Free the Slaves. In the coming year we look forward to expanding our outreach. We are one of only a few anti-trafficking groups that seek to address the issue of both sex trafficking and labor trafficking, seeing them as two sides of a very cruel coin.

Our approach is informed by a recognition of the economic forces that drive this growing trade in illegal exploitation. We maintain two websites, the highly informative FightSlaveryNow.Org, and a more interactive site for our members, Meetup.com/fight-slavery-now. Additionally we publish the quarterly newsletter Fight Slavery News! In these media and in all of our educational literature we stress the intersection of human trafficking with other social justice issues including gender and racial equality, economic justice, labor rights, immigration issues, environmental sustainability and international trade policy. We espouse a multi-prong attack on human trafficking’s root causes.

We hope that you will be able to assist us in our mission and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship if you become one of our sponsors. Please contact us at your convenience to answer any of your questions. We are confident that this is an issue which can only engender good will and admiration for those seeking to address it. We hope you will be part of that solution.

Suggested reference for potential sponsors: Cause Marketing by Joe Marconi, 240 pages, published by Kaplan Business, 2002 
Two-thirds of Americans report having greater trust in companies aligned with a social issue. Cause-related marketing programs not only enhance a company’s image but also increase employee satisfaction. Ninety percent of employees in companies with such programs report feeling proud of their company. Cause Marketing will show all businesses, regardless of size, how to work with a socially responsible organization, cause, or event to increase brand equity and consumer and employee loyalty, to differentiate their brands from competition, and to boost profits. Author Joe Marconi has created the most comprehensive book on this timely subject. Explaining how to implement a cause marketing program, he joins with the organization Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and discusses never-before-published case studies, such as Mattel, Eddie Bauer, General Mills, and Starbucks. BSR is a global resource for companies seeking to sustain their commercial success in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, people, communities, and the environment. Cause Marketing draws important distinctions between a business embracing a cause and the broader issues relating to social responsibility…  Marconi outlines what a commitment to socially responsible business and marketing can mean in terms of a company’s image, reputation, market share, and profitability.

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